The attractive geographical location of MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk 5* allows you to get to the oldest resort town in just 3.5 hours from Europe and the European part of Russia.

The entire infrastructure of medical complex is closely intertwined with the MAYRVEDA concept: diagnostics, detoxification, body and soul restoration, natural beauty, changing life principles. The unity of the most ancient oriental doctrine of life, Yurveda, with the principles of modern Western Mayer medicine is felt from the first minutes of guests' stay.


The reception staff will help MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk guests to plunge into the atmosphere of comfort and hospitality: they will be met with attention and accommodated in the hotel, while the green reception and fireplace will create a feeling of warmth and tranquility.

Medical center

  • Diagnostics, treatment and cosmetic services are carried out using the latest medical equipment;
  • Experienced doctors of international level conduct consultations in modern treatment and diagnostic rooms;


Individually selected recipe of dishes verified by many years of Mayr therapists and Ayurveda specialists practice for each type of Dosha and calorie intake is offered by experienced chefs in restaurant with 150 seats;


"Standard", "Superior", "Executive", "Deluxe", "Junior Suite", "Suite" – total 113 rooms equipped in accordance with international standards are available for our guests. Hypoallergenic materials and a balanced color scheme with premium orthopedic mattresses provide optimal conditions for a comfortable sleep. Guests are offered a choice of pillows of various sizes and rigidity taking into account the peculiarities of sleep and the musculoskeletal system of each patient.

Spa & Relax

  • Traditional medical services of the Caucasian Mineral Waters are represented by narzan baths with a direct supply of water from a source, Tambukan mud and a pump room with mineral water;
  • The pump room in MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk is represented by three mineral waters of the Caucasus region: Narzan, Essentuki, Slavyanovskaya. Each water is offered in two temperature modes;
  • Daily rest in the Spa-complex and the Kislovodsk National Park will be supplemented with meditation and relaxation programs;


MAYRVEDA Terrace located on the fifth floor of a medical building symbolizes tranquility and relaxation. The bar, phyto bar and lounge with fireplace help you experience a pleasant atmosphere of luxury relaxation and wellness.

Conference hall

Educational programs, master classes and film screenings are held in the library with a focus on healthy lifestyle and in the conference hall with a maximum seating of 120 people.


Fitness and personal programs are held at MAYRVEDA GYM;

Adjacent territory

MediSpa hotel is located in the historical center of Kislovodsk in the resort area of the city, 100 meters from the largest in Europe Kislovodsk National Park. The park contains more than 250 species of trees and shrubs many of which are included in the Red Book. Over 80 varieties of richly blooming roses are planted in the "Valley of Roses".

Due to the suitable landscape the park has 6 main terrainkour routes of various lengths (from 1700 to 6000 m). Their main purpose is the treatment of cardiovascular pathology, diseases of the respiratory system, digestion, support and movement, as well as metabolic disorders.

Kislovodsk springs (narzans) are related to each other and rich in chemical elements in various proportions. The main difference is in gas saturation and total salinity. Different types of narzan are used for external procedures, for balneotherapy, to improve metabolism and eliminate toxins from the body. Also, the narzan features are especially valuable in drinking cure. Narzan increases gastric secretion, improves digestion, improves biliary liver function, reduces bloating and regulates bowel function.

It is thanks to the park and the healing mineral waters Kislovodsk is one of the leading balneological and climatic resorts in the world.

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