MediSpa Hotel MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk offers a highly effective combination of natural and traditional medicine. The therapy here is based on diagnosis, detoxification, activation of the vitality of the mind and body, natural beauty and lifestyle changes, which leads to a balanced approach to health and wellness.


The choice of medical services covers all aspects of health recovery: from comprehensive diagnostics and complete cleansing of the body's excretory systems, to correcting identified deficiencies and restoring natural beauty and life balance.

The MediSpa programs of Mayrveda Kislovodsk are specially designed to meet the needs of the most discerning guests who want to achieve maximum results and recovery in a short time. Each program is aimed at obtaining maximum health benefits.


Cosmetological procedures are the natural continuation and supplement of medical programs. Having cleansed the body and adjusted the internal recovery processes, we want transformation and new look, therefore the Mayrveda MediSPA cosmetology base offers a complex of delicate procedures to improve the condition of the skin, such as - laser treatment without damaging the skin surface with a lasting effect for up to six months, photodynamic therapy using the latest generation equipment, which erases the first signs of aging, cures skin diseases and is prescribed to everyone, without exception, at any time of the year, injection treatment for leveling various aesthetic imperfections. And the high qualifications of specialists nullify the possibility of side effects.


The location of the first Mayrveda MediSPA Kislovodsk hotel was not chosen by chance. The natural treasures of Kislovodsk city allow supplementing of the medical concept with various types of mineral water for drinking and baths, therapeutic mud for wraps and applications. But the most important factor is the unique climatic effect associated with the geographical location of the city.

Mayrveda MediSPA Kislovodsk offers a highly effective combination of natural and traditional medicine. The therapy provided here is based on key aspects such as diagnostics, detoxification, revitalization of body and spirit vitality, natural beauty and lifestyle changes, resulting in a new balanced life with long-term vitality, creativity and well-being.


Mayrveda MediSPA Kislovodsk rooms are equipped with modern high-tech devices and designer furniture. Special attention is paid to compliance with safety measures of medical services: cleaning and decontamination of air, surfaces, tools, sanitary devices, maximum use of disposable consumables and personal protective equipment, as well as compliance with social distance conditions.

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