The guest's path


Selecting the program and requesting reservation

Get acquainted with the main programs of the clinic – Classic, Advanced and Discovery, which are a harmonious combination of consultations, diagnostic techniques and procedures. Assemble your own combination of programs, modules and check-ups.

Step 1

After selecting the program, additional modules, room category and arrival date at the MediSpa hotel, the system automatically selects the program available by the number of days and determines its cost. At the time of booking on the website, a prepayment of 50% of the cost of the selected services is required. You will be able to pay the remaining 50% of the cost of services on the day of check-in in cash or through the terminal. For the convenience of payment, you can always interact with our manager.

Step 2
Preliminary consultation with a doctor discuss the program

After booking, our doctor will contact you to clarify the contraindications to the program you have chosen. You will also be able to get recommendations on the choice of modules and check-ups.

Step 3
Preliminary consultation with a personal assistant for scheduling

We combine innovative medicine with a five-star level of service. MAYRVEDA One personal assistant will help you prepare for the visit and make an accurate schedule of procedures.

Step 4
Transfer and accommodation

At your request, we can arrange a transfer from or to Mineralnye Vody International Airport, located 50 minutes from Kislovodsk. This can be done at the booking stage or during a consultation with a personal assistant. You can also order a taxi yourself. MediSpa-hotel MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk has 113 rooms equipped in accordance with 5* standards. The reception staff will meet you and help you with accommodation.

Step 5
Tour of MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk

On the first day of arrival during the tour, you will be able to get acquainted with the main structural units — the medical center, the MediSpa hotel and the gourmet restaurant.

Step 6
Primary consultations with an Ayurveda specialist and a Mayr therapist

At the primary consultation with an Ayurveda specialist, you will be able to undergo a pulse diagnosis and find out the type of dosha, and with a Mayr therapist — get a diagnosis by Mayr. After that, our doctors jointly make up the type of individual nutrition, select additional procedures within the framework of Ayurveda or Mayr therapy according to the chosen program.

Step 7
Development of a personalized nutrition program

A personalized nutrition program is an integral part of the course of treatment. The dishes on the menu of the MAYRVEDA Kitchen gourmet restaurant, on the one hand, correspond to the principles of nutrition according to Mayr, and on the other hand, they are systematized according to the balance of Ayurvedic doshas and are represented by six types of individual nutrition. All dishes are prepared using a special technology that allows you to preserve all the necessary trace elements and are balanced in the composition of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Step 8
Consultations of doctors, medical and SPA procedures

We provide guests with a wide range of medical and cosmetology services. As part of the program, you will be able to receive various treatments for Mayr therapy and Ayurveda. According to the doctors’ recommendations and indications, you will be able to attend additional procedures using innovative hardware methods of correction and rejuvenation. Group and individual sports classes, interactive lectures and master classes will diversify your stay in MAYRVEDA.

Step 9
Summing up and recommendations

At the final consultation, a Mayr therapist and an Ayurveda specialist will review the results of the treatment, assess the dynamics of changes «before» / «after» and provide the guest with individual recommendations for maintaining the achieved effect, a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. We recommend repeated visits to MayrVeda from one to two times a year to maintain health and fitness.

Step 10
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