Founder of Mayr Medicine

Doctor of Medical Sciences F.K. Mayr is the founder of diagnostics and therapy, named in his honor. For many years, Dr. Mayr carefully monitored his patients and came to the conclusion that our entire health depends on the condition of the stomach and intestines. Having gathered all his knowledge together and understanding the close relationship between environmental factors and the human body, he developed a  of recovery and recovery based on the ability of the digestive system to intensive regeneration and self-healing. Today it is one of the key components of modern Mayr therapy, which is based on the four principles:
Awareness (of oneself, the value of health and the causes of its violation);
Rest (gentle mode, unloading);
Purification (detoxification, elimination of toxins, toxins and allergens);
Training (training, hardening).

Gastrointestinal health

Gastrointestinal health is the key to longevity

The connection between the intestine and the brain is carried out through the endocrine, nervous and immune systems. The gut — brain axis is the basis for the connection of the gut microbiome with the central nervous system. On the other hand, the brain is able to regulate the composition, the main functions of the intestinal microbiome and the digestive system. The intestine independently regulates and controls the intake and assimilation of nutrients, participates in the purification and excretion of metabolic products, toxins and toxins. The inner surface of the intestine performs a barrier function, preventing the contents of the gastrointestinal tract from entering the body. In the digestive system, so-called humoral immunity factors, such as mucins, immunoglobulins and cytokines, are also on guard of health.

With dysfunction of the intestinal barrier, the content of toxins in the blood increases, followed by the development of inflammatory processes in some parts of the brain, up to the start of neurodegenerative diseases. Also, a violation of the barrier function of the intestinal epithelium leads to the penetration of toxins, food antigens and microorganisms through the intestinal wall, which underlies various inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

In order for external aggressive agents not to penetrate the gastrointestinal wall, it is necessary to constantly maintain the normal functioning of the protective mechanisms in the intestine and the balance of neurohumoral regulation. In order for the key system of the body to function properly, it constantly needs adequate support. To do this, a person should try to eat slowly, chew food carefully, monitor the level of saturation, not "jam" stress, avoid foods rich in fast carbohydrates, refuse dinner several times a week, and so on.

Failure to follow simple rules can lead to an increase in the processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the intestine, activation of pathogenic microflora, increased slagging and intoxication. This cannot but affect the state of the body as a whole: neighboring organs and systems are overloaded, for example, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and urinary, functional disorders occur, various diseases develop.

Therefore, the main goal of Mayr therapy is to improve the health of the human body as a whole with an in-depth impact on intestinal health, including the state of the microbiota. This allows you to effectively and safely normalize the work of vital organs and systems, strengthen the immune system, increase tone, improve overall well-being, increase activity and efficiency.


What is Mayr Therapy?

Mayr therapy is a comprehensive approach to the treatment and improvement of the body through cleansing and restoration of the functional state of the intestine, based on the principles developed by Dr. F.K. Mayr.

A complex of therapeutic procedures and a special diet have a regenerating and cleansing effect on blood, lymph, cells and matrix — a multicomponent substance in which all cells of the body are immersed. The Mayr therapy approach is based on improving metabolic processes and normalizing the work of all body systems through detoxification through cleansing the gastrointestinal tract, as well as a special nutrition system combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to the methods developed by Dr. Mayr for diagnosing the initial stages of disease development, when a person is still in a state of "apparent health", modern Mayr therapists can determine the necessary therapeutic tactics individually for each patient. As a result, the recovery and recovery processes are accelerated both in the gastrointestinal tract and in the body as a whole according to the feedback principle. The therapeutic effect after therapy persists for a long time, subject to the recommendations of specialists on its maintenance at home.

Mayr Therapy

Modern Mayr Medicine

Modern therapy according to Mayr is based on the integration of holistic medicine — homotoxicology (the science of the influence of homotoxins on the development and progression of diseases), microimmune and orthomolecular therapy (methods of preventing and treating diseases by replenishing the deficiency of vitamins, micro- and macroelements), as well as applied kinesiology (the science of human movement) — with modern achievements preventive, classical and traditional medicine.

According to antihomotoxicological medicine, any disease has several toxic stages of development:
1. Humoral stage — when the body’s ability to self-heal is still preserved at the initial stage of intoxication, and the damage is reversible. In its first phase, the body tries to remove toxins due to its own excretion mechanisms — nasal mucus, sputum, sweat, and the like. If you block this natural process with medications, the body goes into the phase of inflammation;
2. The stage of matrix damage — at this stage in the accumulation phase, the body is already overloaded with homotoxins, but is still trying to maintain basic regulation. Later, homotoxins load cells more and more and the possibilities of self-healing of the body are exhausted;
3. Cellular stage — at this stage, intracellular accumulation of homotoxins and degenerative changes in tissues and organs occur. It is possible to develop neoplasms with the threat of loss of organ function and the occurrence of oncology.

Antihomotoxicology helps to prevent further intake of harmful substances into the body and remove the accumulated ones. This approach makes it possible to cure even conditions such as burnout syndrome, metabolic and rheumatic diseases, susceptibility to infections and others.

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phospholipids, fatty acids and other biologically active substances — orthomolecules — are normally present in the human body, animals and plants. In the presence of a genetic predisposition, unfavorable conditions or diseases, the cells of the body are deficient or have an increased need for orthomolecules. The inferiority of cellular nutrition leads to the development of many diseases. Orthomolecular and microimmune therapy are among the most high—tech areas of modern medicine, which involve the therapy and prevention of diseases at the molecular level by purposefully changing the concentration of biologically active molecules (vitamins, amino acids, micro- and macroelements) inside the body by prescribing high dosages of nutrients (substitution therapy). Thanks to the optimal supply of micronutrients to the body, it is possible not only to prevent the disease, but also in many cases to help the body cope with an existing disease, to activate the immune system.

The modern possibilities of Mayr medicine are continuously expanding due to the merger of Mayr therapy and current scientific directions. Mayr therapy, which describes the possibilities of natural intestinal cleansing and active restoration of health, is still far ahead of our time and remains relevant. Modern neurogastroenterologists and Mayr therapists continue to find new evidence of the effectiveness of Mayr therapy. To date, a solid evidence base has been formed that justifies the effectiveness of this technique.

The synergistic effect of the Mayr nutrition principles, physical activity, MediSpa procedures, medications, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements lead to a gentle and delicate cleansing and restoration of the body. All procedures at MAYRVEDA MediSpa, including manual therapy according to Mayr(a special technique of facial and body massage developed by an Austrian doctor), are selected strictly individually and are aimed at restoring impaired functions, restoring vitality, maintaining and maintaining a high level of health.

Modern Mayr Medicine

«Мы определяем конституцию гостя по аюрведе, включая тип Доши, и составляем индивидуальный план оздоровления, основываясь на результатах аюрведической диагностики и рекоменданциях майер-терапевта»

Доктор Вигнесвар Виной, руководитель направления аюрведы в MAYRVEDA


What is MayrPrevent

Today, leading specialists on the basis of the best wellness hotels and resorts in the world are creating an innovative direction — MayrPrevent — a modern interpretation of Mayr therapy and the best restorative techniques and technologies for detoxification and healing of the body. MayrPrevent is also aimed at the «root» of the problem — the health of the digestive system, stimulating its natural cleansing processes, as well as restoring and activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The key principles of MayrPrevent are detoxification, cleansing and functional improvement of the intestinal condition.

As a result of MayrPrevent therapy, the production of toxins in the gut is stopped, metabolic stress on the body is reduced, which ultimately has a regenerating and cleansing effect on cells and tissues. The GI tract is revitalized to the point where it becomes capable of efficiently and properly digesting and assimilating high quality foods with all their valuable components and nutrients.

In this way, the symptoms of various diseases are alleviated, even in patients in whom no connection between their health problems and the digestive tract was suspected at all. MayrPrevent is an innovative approach to recovery and wellness, which is the basis of comprehensive treatment programs of MediSpa-Hotel MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk 5*.


Principles of Mayr Medicine

  • Rest is aimed at relieving, relaxing, restoring and regenerating the patient's body as a whole through the digestive system. Depending on the individual results, the soft diet is individually adapted to the patient and can range from fasting treatment to the MAYRVEDA diet and the gentle cleansing diet, taking into account any intolerance.
  • The cleansing of the body occurs through a natural intestinal detox, which promotes the release of bile, increases the activity of the digestive system and prevents the reabsorption of substances that should be excreted from the body.
  • Mindfulness and self-discipline correct unhealthy eating habits. Our guests will learn to chew properly, eat slowly and listen to the body's satiety signals, understand the need for sufficient fluid intake, natural abdominal breathing and the importance of the ability of the intestines to cleanse itself.
  • Lifestyle. After a visit to MAYRVEDA, the balance is restored in the body, the lack of vitamins, microelements, pre- and probiotics is replenished. And these are not temporary changes - thanks to the fact that our guests take master classes in proper nutrition, they take with them a qualitatively new lifestyle.
Modern Mayr therapy

Modern Mayr therapy
in MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk

Modern approaches to recovery and recovery are the basis of comprehensive treatment programs MediSpa-hotel MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk 5 *, which is a member of the Healing Hotels of the World association of the best health hotels in the world and is licensed by the MayrPrevent official Mayr-therapy center certificate. The doctors of the MediSpa Hotel, which is the official center of Mayr Medicine, are certified Mayr Therapists, our team includes the President of the International Society of Mayr Therapists, Dr. Sepp Fegerl. And in the unique MAYRVEDA concept, the Austrian technique is combined with Indian Ayurveda and the local natural resources of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Mayr therapy in the MAYRVEDA concept is combined with Ayurveda.

At MAYRVEDA, we help guests restore their digestive system through specialized nutrition. MAYRVEDA Kitchen's personalized menu system is tailored to the patient and their goals, ranging from fasting treatment to a gentle cleansing diet tailored to any individual intolerance. For systemic detoxification, a combination of special medical procedures and physiotherapy is used, and for the activation of bowel function, manual therapy according to Mayr. To consolidate the detox effect, we offer a variety of sports activities under the guidance of instructors and fitness trainers. In addition, MAYRVEDA guests achieve psychological balance through reduced activity, informational detox, perfect sleep and relaxation treatments.

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