Modern interpretation of Mayr therapy and the best restorative techniques

Mayr Prevent®

The appearance of a person is a direct reflection of the internal state of his body. Dr. Mayr’s therapy formed the basis of preventive medicine and became an independent medical practice. Mayr Prevent® is a registered trademark that allows only certified centers and doctors to carry out treatment in accordance with this method.

Healing Hotels of the World is a global brand of wellness hospitality in the premium segment.

Healing Hotels of the World

The members of the association, located on all continents, pay special attention to health and offer a complete reboot in the most beautiful places of the planet. The restorative aspect of recreation and connection with nature are central to the concept of Healing Hotels.

The European Association of Ayurveda (EUAA) is a federation of Ayurvedic organizations, clinics, educational institutions, therapists, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of Ayurvedic products.

The European Ayurveda Association (EUAA)

Association is actively engaged in the dissemination and recognition of Ayurveda as a traditional holistic medical system in Europe. Together with the members of the organization, EUAA guarantees the authenticity of the Ayurvedic concept and methods of therapy, promotes the exchange of knowledge and understanding of various Ayurvedic schools. EUAA promotes scientific research in universities and research-oriented research institutes in all fields of Ayurveda to ensure a deep understanding and practice of the principles of Ayurveda in the modern world.

The International Institute of Integrated Preventive and Anti—Aging Medicine PreventIon® is a professional scientific and educational project in the field of 5P medicine.


The PreventIon® Institute is the first licensed and leading educational project in Russia specializing in training doctors in new technologies for restoring and strengthening health.

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