Healthy diet

Premium restaurant of proper nutrition

MAYRVEDA Kitchen — is  created for modern people who care about their health. Balanced nutrition with high-quality and delicious products is the easiest and most pleasant way to replenish internal resources. We are convinced that a healthy diet should bring joy, it is necessary for effective digestion. You do not need to deny yourself everything, but it is important to prefer healthy foods and use them in the right way.
MAYRVEDA Kitchen is based on an individual approach. According to the results of laboratory diagnostics, after consultation with a Mayr therapist and an Ayurveda specialist, a personalized nutrition plan is drawn up for each guest. Our guests follow their own nutrition program and doctor’s recommendations, as well as receive detailed instructions on how to form a healthy and balanced diet. At the same time, within the selected menu, all guests have a choice of different dishes at will.

Haute cuisine restaurant

MAYRVEDA Kitchen — haute cuisine restaurant

The MAYRVEDA Kitchen restaurant serves only those dishes that have been heat treated. This allows us to achieve maximum absorption of food in the initial part of the small intestine, thereby avoiding fermentation processes. All food is alkaline, there is no salt, spices and sugar in it. But the cooking method allows you to preserve all the taste sensations and useful properties of the product. A personalized meal plan is developed for the guest after consulting doctors, presented in six levels and adjusted according to the type of dosha.

A lot of attention in MAYRVEDA Kitchen is paid to the choice of products. The chef of the restaurant selects local organic fresh and seasonal ingredients. This approach corresponds to our main principle: guests get the maximum amount of nutrients from food. Dishes are prepared in a special way with the preservation of the maximum of trace elements and nutrients.

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