Mayrveda Kitchen

Mayrveda Kitchen is a system created for modern people who take care about their health, and is developed not only to improve their well-being, but also to give pleasure during cooking and eating. An optimally balanced diet of high-quality delicious foods is the easiest and most pleasant way to refill energy

Healthy food with pleasure

A healthy diet should bring joy. If food is not associated with pleasure, it will not become an element of daily rest, you will not enjoy it, and joy is necessary for the effective process of food digestion.

There is no need to deny yourself favorite products, but pay attention to useful products and consuming them in the right way

Individual approach in Mayrveda Kitchen

The basic point in Mayrveda Kitchen is an individual approach. After consultations with Mayer-therapist and Doctor Ayurveda, according to the results of laboratory diagnostics, an individual nutrition plan will be created for each guest.

The guest follows the prescribed diet and doctor's recommendations during the program, and also receives detailed nutrition recommendations at the end of the program. The essence of MAYRVEDA' Kitchen is to consciously return to life according to the natural rhythm

Basic rules of Mayrveda Kitchen



To provide good digestion


Product selection

All products should provide the body with a variety of antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements and minerals to maintain the digestive system. In addition, products must be selected according to the individual features of each person. While choosing ingredients, great attention is paid to the use of local, organic and fresh products. This approach is consistent with our main principle: getting the maximum amount of nutrients from food


A combination of food

Products that allows to enhance their valuable properties, to show their effective action and to maintaining acid-alkali balance.


Natural beauty

Dr. F.X. Mayr knew that better health and tension result in more beauty, coming fromthe inside out. A healthy gut, good food, happy mind and advanced innovative cosmetic applications will show visible benefits.

Pleasure! It has been proven that enjoying the taste of food

what it looks like, contributes to strengthening of the immune system, improving the brain and mobilizing the body's restorative forces. That is why during the program our guests participate in cooking classes, so after the program they can cook themselves according to the basic rules of MAYRVEDA Kitchen

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