Ayurveda is the ancient Indian healing system: “Ayu” means life, and “Veda” means knowledge. It is the practical science of how a person can achieve physical, mental, social and, most importantly, spiritual harmony. Ayurveda is able to diagnose and treat diseases, as well as carry out their prevention. Therapeutic methods are based on the importance of a person's lifestyle: mental health, nutrition, behavior and environment, which makes Ayurveda approach holistic

5 great primary elements

The key concept of Ayurveda is the combination of 5 great primary elements: Fire, Water, Ether, Air and Earth. Five fundamental elements combining in pairs form Three Doshas: Vata Dosha (Air + Ether), Pitta Dosha (Fire + Water) and Kapha Dosha (Water + Earth)

Doshas ensure the normal functioning of the human body, the whole variety of the most complex mental and physiological processes. Nothing happens in the body without the participation of Three Doshas.

If under the influence of various factors (weather, food, stress, stress, etc.) the dynamic balance of Three Doshas is disturbed then one or another Dosha is excited

Basic principles of Ayurveda

  1. Focus on personal growth
  2. Holistic (integrity): a clear relationship between tissues, organs and systems
  3. Psychosomatic approach: illness is a consequence of changes in our psyche
  4. Integrity of man and the world around him: constant exchange of energy, matter and information
  5. Personal approach to the patient and the theory of "Tridosha" - knowledge about the psychophysiological structure of the body
  6. Priority of prevention over treatment, emphasis on lifestyle
  7. Priority of prevention over treatment, emphasis on lifestyle
  8. Diagnosis of diseases in the early stages
Ayurveda Inspirer

The Ayurveda concept for Mayrveda Kislovodsk was developed by Dr. Vinoy Vighneswar who has been involved in the opening of several Ayurveda clinics around the world. The Ayurvedic doctor determines the Dosha (the type of constitution of the guest, his vitality, the energy that drives the physical and psychological functions of a person) and draws up an individual nutrition program for the entire period of stay in order to restore the balance of the Doshas. Advanced courses in Panchakarma and other Ayurveda services are optional and combined with Mayr therapy

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