Mayr Medicine

Mayr Therapy

Named after the founder Dr. Franz Xavier Mayr the principles of Modern Mayr medicine are based on the conclusion that a healthy intestine represents the key to health and beauty. The body is considered to be capable of self-regulation and self-healing system

Dr. Franz Xavier Mayr

  1. Advanced diagnostics
  2. Body detoxification
  3. Replacement therapy using natural ingredients
  4. Individual diet
  5. Body, mind and soul - achieving balance
  6. Natural beauty and health
  7. Formation of a healthy lifestyle

The conditions for self-healing

  • — Rest means giving up heavy food, which allows you to unload the digestive system;
  • — Purification involves a special unloading diet along with the use of saline solutions, herbal teas, physiotherapeutic procedures and visceral massage;
  • — Training is the formation of healthy habits of proper nutrition, physical activity and positive thinking
The training and certification of physicians is carried out with the participation

And under the direct supervision of the International Society of Mayer Physicians represented by the Society's co-founder and vice-president Dr. Sepp Fegerl. Unique medical programs for Mayrveda guests have been compiled in collaboration with Dr. Fegerl based on many years of experience with Mayr Therapy in leading European MediSpa hotels and clinics

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