MAYRVEDA is a partner of the Aeroflot Bonus program

Earn 1 miles per each 90₽ spent.

Terms of accrual:
• To have your miles credited, please provide your Aeroflot Bonus member card or card number at the reception desk when paying for your stay and medical programs.
• Miles are credited for accommodation in the hotel at the health programs listed on the website.
• Miles are not credited for the additional hotel services.
• When two or more program members stay in one room, miles will only be credited to the card of one member who made the payment.
• Miles are credited within 21 days after the payment.
Terms of use:

• To spend your Aeroflot Bonus miles, please make sure to get a PIN code in your Personal Account in advance, provide your Aeroflot Bonus card or card number at the reception desk and use the PIN code.
• To use miles, you can name the desired number of miles to be written off or name the amount in rubles by which you want to reduce the cost of the service.
• After the miles are written off, you will be credited with miles for the remaining amount paid in rubles within 21 days after payment. • Limitation on miles redemption: from 1% to 50% of the service cost.
• Miles cannot be spent to pay for additional services.

Aeroflot Bonus is a loyalty program of Aeroflot — Russian Airlines. Its members can earn miles and spend them on various awards. Miles are credited for flights, purchases made with cards issued jointly with partner banks, hotel stays, car rentals, visits to cafes and restaurants, and acquisition of goods and services from program partners including our company. You can spend your miles on flights and travel class upgrades, as well as on products and services of numerous program partners.

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MAYRVEDA is a partner of the Aeroflot Bonus program
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